Anonymous Browsing

Written by Logan Bentley, Registered Spycamp Member.

Even if you aren't a secret agent (And for all we know, you might be), Browsing Anonymously can be useful.
For example, mabye you're doing something at school that you probably shouldn't be doing. If you're anonymous, the teachers will be none the wiser.
In this tutorial I will cover some ways of browsing anonymously.

1. Incognito

One of the easyest ways of browsing anonymously is Incognito. Incognito stops pages you have visited from showing up in your history.
To open an Incognito window, press Ctrl+Shift+N, or on a Mac Cmd+Shift+N. It will open an incognito tab. Now you can browse the web anonymously.
However, your internet activity may still be visible to:

Incognito is a fast an easy way of browsing the web anonymously, however it's not the most secure. However, there are some other ways of browsing anonymously.

2. Onion Skins

Not using real onion skins, that would be silly! But using a browser that passes data through a series of computers, rendering it untraceble.
To use this we'll need some special software. This won't harm your system or anything BUT it can't use Flash, RealPlayer, Quicktime or anything like that, so don't replace your browser with it.
Go to and download TOR Browser. Once it has downloaded, click on the installer.
Just go with the default settings. It should take a while to set up. When it's done, you're free to browse the web. But there are still a few downsides:

These are two methods of browsing incognito, it's just about finding the right solution. I hope you have learnt something from this tutorial - Logan